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About Me

My name is Chan Tak Chun, Damon, currently completed Year-1 of diploma in Architecture in a design institute in Hong Kong. I obtained the degree of Associate of Arts in Bilingual Communication Studies (French and English) from City University of Hong Kong in 2014, following one year of working in both public and private sectors. After the gap year, I designed to pursue my study in the field of Architecture.

The reason why I would like to continue my study in Architecture is because I hope one day I could use the knowledge and ideas which I gain and generate from study to solve the social problems such as insufficient housing in Hong Kong or other global issues such as global warming leading the constant rising of water level. The housing situation in Hong Kong nowadays is that there are too many people but with limited lands for building the public housing, resulting problems like “cage homes”, the inhuman living environment. And one of my goals is to solve this problem and design a comfortable and secure living environment within limited space by the skills and techniques I learn from school and real experience.